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Note: Your sweepstakes draw codes are 8-digit numbers that can be found in your order confirmation email and/or letter.
Prize Drawcode Name Date
Prize Drawcode Name Date
$1,00083857322Bernice M.5/15/2021
2021 Dodge Challenger or $32,000 Cash60155734Ludmila B.5/14/2021
$1,00077837655Judith C.5/13/2021
$1,00055383660Denise K.5/12/2021
$1,00057096749Nancy H.5/11/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash58501917Wendy H.5/10/2021
$1,00064605013Helen M.5/9/2021
$1,00073576594Deborah N.5/8/2021
$1,00023966479Lorretta J.5/7/2021
$1,00076391324Annette C.5/6/2021
$1,00044502177Karen C.5/5/2021
$1,00013989925Calvin B.5/4/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash41921715Myrna T.5/3/2021
$1,00083891278Dave N.5/2/2021
$1,00014213996Brandon C.5/1/2021
$1,00073688554Teresa M.4/30/2021
$1,00096026840Anne J.4/29/2021
$1,00016069159Margaret H.4/28/2021
$1,00040038037Jeanette F.4/27/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash43045671Sue V.4/26/2021
$1,00055284535Fernanda F.4/25/2021
$1,00060742327Christine P.4/24/2021
$1,00098504030Bridget H.4/23/2021
$1,00049126519Thorace W.4/22/2021
$1,00010761553Tina C.4/21/2021
$1,00038702902Donna M.4/20/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash85408833Lucille T.4/19/2021
$1,00028404639Catherine H.4/18/2021
$1,00072179444Beatrice A.4/17/2021
$1,00082536494Mohammad R.4/16/2021
$1,00072345342Shannon C.4/15/2021
$1,00055266593Edna Y.4/14/2021
$1,00067377984Laura B.4/13/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash72320356Diane G.4/12/2021
$1,00029824550Georgeina C.4/11/2021
$1,00027875637Annabelle W.4/10/2021
$1,00068153866Heather R.4/9/2021
$1,00026634589Cathy L.4/8/2021
$1,00072401113Michelle H.4/7/2021
$1,00013627222Shirley and Larry G.4/6/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash60462107Alex T.4/5/2021
$1,00092588978Debbie M.4/4/2021
$1,00073084021Lois F.4/3/2021
$1,00012245815Denise H.4/2/2021
$1,00049929506Janet H.4/1/2021
$1,00015602598Joanna K.3/31/2021
$1,00062410210Leighann S.3/30/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash60463141Mildred J W.3/29/2021
$1,00086593762Audrey K.3/28/2021
$1,00024144054Virginia D.3/27/2021
$1,00056392492Aminda B.3/26/2021
$1,00025623957Murray H.3/25/2021
$1,00056322176Josemar O.3/24/2021
$1,00099114516Ronald D.3/23/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash12543444Wilma G.3/22/2021
$1,00071224873Kieran B.3/21/2021
$1,00016941579Wendy G.3/20/2021
$1,00046890057Christine M.3/19/2021
$1,00018922849Dianne C.3/18/2021
$1,00065338278Williams P.3/17/2021
$1,00057130467John S.3/16/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash58406463Mary T.3/15/2021
$1,00067372579Corinne K.3/14/2021
$1,00058974889Cindy L.3/13/2021
2021 Ram 1500 Quad Cab or $41,000 Cash88045149James F.3/12/2021
$1,00072234282Eleanor K.3/11/2021
$1,00019016735Linda M.3/10/2021
$1,00018773748Brooke M.3/9/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash20677793Catherine B.3/8/2021
$1,00092284319Wendy H.3/7/2021
$1,00075109682Gordon K.3/6/2021
$1,00057540613Noreen E.3/5/2021
$1,00039199780Chan A.3/4/2021
$1,00026571634Monique D.3/3/2021
$1,00097035239Geralda H.3/2/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash92286471Rajveen D.3/1/2021
$1,00021224343April or Ron Y. or R.2/28/2021
$1,00020395520William B.2/27/2021
$1,00024167317Roland N.2/26/2021
$1,00099002766Colin Y.2/25/2021
$1,00058830887Mary V.2/24/2021
$1,00012502396Everett G.2/23/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash26641626Debbie L.2/22/2021
$1,00020037600Kenneth C.2/21/2021
$1,00021204314Connie D.2/20/2021
$1,00071974778James I.2/19/2021
$1,00051492468Michael R.2/18/2021
$1,00093184392Eileen T.2/17/2021
$1,00061194701Joan M.2/16/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash58625255Jim W.2/15/2021
$1,00037139671Omar R.2/14/2021
$1,00021494388Donna W.2/13/2021
$1,00093943711Floyd B.2/12/2021
$1,00026546676Darryl B.2/11/2021
$1,00084771440Donna R.2/10/2021
$1,00065092555Roy F.2/9/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash23094507Cathy D.2/8/2021
$1,00093156687Ellen L.2/7/2021
$1,00072109863Jon K.2/6/2021
$1,00055687043Patricia J.2/5/2021
$1,00041986557Kara W.2/4/2021
$1,00039056821Anita L.2/3/2021
$1,00058923341Loreta B.2/2/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash86218222Sherrie S.2/1/2021
$1,00071682001Barb L.1/31/2021
$1,00047311662Ann D.1/30/2021
$1,00063428762Mary L.1/29/2021
$1,00093807025Lee-Anne M.1/28/2021
$1,00093422671Grace L.1/27/2021
$1,00045438500Linda J.1/26/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash10118950Hab L.1/25/2021
$1,00041350375Denise L.1/24/2021
$1,00020391764Adeline M.1/23/2021
$1,00018674123Walter D.1/22/2021
$1,00023764649Myrna C.1/21/2021
$1,00058052705Robert T.1/20/2021
$1,00059735159Lisa C.1/19/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash13685563Marlene C.1/18/2021
$1,00073294804Shaunda C.1/17/2021
$1,00045823891Carol K.1/16/2021
$1,00091730956Tina W.1/15/2021
$1,00027299108Jenny S.1/14/2021
$1,00071384075Brigitte P.1/13/2021
$1,00059043153Gordon J.1/12/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash71676456Gale F.1/11/2021
$1,00016498622Maurice C.1/10/2021
$1,00086021417Randy R.1/9/2021
2020 FIAT® Spider Classica or $20,000 Cash15055671David M.1/8/2021
$1,00025933164Shane K.1/7/2021
$1,00086082684Peter T.1/6/2021
$1,00058531161Brad M.1/5/2021
$1,500 Travel Voucher or Cash32675159Lorne B.1/4/2021
$1,00054921197Denis T.1/3/2021
$1,00090525121Linda J.1/2/2021
$1,00053485015Connie K.1/1/2021
Pre-Sale Prize
Pre-Sale Prize

PRIZE: $1,000 CASH

Mano Y.


Pre-Sale Prize
Pre-Sale Prize

PRIZE: $1,000 CASH

Sherri H.


Pre-Sale Prize
Pre-Sale Prize

PRIZE: $1,000 CASH

Roger and Patricia T.


Loyalty Prize
Loyalty Prize

PRIZE: $1,500 CASH

Josie G.


Loyalty Prize
Loyalty Prize

PRIZE: $1,500 CASH

Karen D.


VIP Prize
VIP Prize

PRIZE: $3,000 CASH

George Z.


Early Bonus Prize
Early Bonus Prize

PRIZE: FIAT or $20,000 CASH

Christine B.


Early Bird Prize
Early Bird Prize

PRIZE: $10,000 CASH

Rachel R.


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