2021 January Super Calendar

Eligible Draw Codes
Search the CALENDAR PURCHASER NAME or your SWEEPSTAKES DRAW CODE to see if you are eligible for a prize! If you see your name or draw code, contact us at 1-855-248-9831 ext. 5 to claim your prize.
Good luck!
Note: Your sweepstakes draw codes are 8-digit numbers that can be found in your order confirmation email and/or letter.
Prize Drawcode Name Date
Prize Drawcode Name Date
$10,000SC77024002Lisa P.1/31/2021
$2,500SC41594402Juvie T.1/30/2021
$25,000SC31675399Elizabeth W.1/29/2021
$2,500SC62672660Joanne F.1/28/2021
$2,500SC86086851Cindy M.1/27/2021
$2,500SC74131200Don and Toni M.1/26/2021
$5,000SC48199653Charlotte Jen P.1/25/2021
$2,500SC31740775Sheila V.1/24/2021
$2,500SC95310542Norris F.1/23/2021
$2,500SC46491079Darlene S.1/22/2021
$2,500SC56264196Torben R.1/21/2021
$2,500SC30846376Lorraine W.1/20/2021
$2,500SC45527830Sarah P.1/19/2021
$5,000SC28750696Jean-Claude P.1/18/2021
$2,500SC48639470Colby P.1/17/2021
$2,500SC30487491Carolyn C.1/16/2021
$10,000SC77534064Debbie A.1/15/2021
$2,500SC46411774Margaret M.1/14/2021
$2,500SC95261187Denise S.1/13/2021
$2,500SC45193168Ida E.1/12/2021
$5,000SC95694614David S.1/11/2021
$2,500SC95764347Margaret M.1/10/2021
$2,500SC63678596Judy M.1/9/2021
$2,500SC37871971Nate C.1/8/2021
$2,500SC54251776James M.1/7/2021
$2,500SC30019914Gerald F.1/6/2021
$2,500SC91410606Karla R.1/5/2021
$5,000SC41972968Matthuas W.1/4/2021
$2,500SC21580490Barry and Carol F.1/3/2021
$2,500SC22675662Brian H.1/2/2021
$10,000SC81634758Rosalind L.1/1/2021

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