2021 February Adventure Calendar

Eligible Draw Codes
Search the CALENDAR PURCHASER NAME or your SWEEPSTAKES DRAW CODE to see if you are eligible for a prize! If you see your name or draw code, contact us at 1-855-248-9831 ext. 5 to claim your prize.
Good luck!
Note: Your sweepstakes draw codes are 8-digit numbers that can be found in your order confirmation email and/or letter.
Prize Drawcode Name Date
Prize Drawcode Name Date
$2,000AC38666052Anthony P.2/28/2021
$500AC31454876Julie D.2/27/2021
$500AC20423294Jacob And Betty E.2/26/2021
$500AC17593162Harold J.2/25/2021
$500AC87264806Kathy B.2/24/2021
$500AC87800349Sharon R.2/23/2021
$500AC98813796Mike H.2/22/2021
$2,000AC36002376Gorden C.2/21/2021
$500AC13691993Anthony S.2/20/2021
$500AC78723090Fedokeya M.2/19/2021
$500AC37396958Lloyd S.2/18/2021
$500AC64804633Lorne M.2/17/2021
$500AC80084260Diane V.2/16/2021
$500AC96168494Sabrena M.2/15/2021
$2,000AC68506619Della F.2/14/2021
$500AC91950788Jen S.2/13/2021
$500AC84706502Susan P.2/12/2021
$500AC95887669Brenda E.2/11/2021
$500AC17959143Valerie P.2/10/2021
$500AC81214337Brooklyn V.2/9/2021
$500AC65267772Dan K.2/8/2021
$2,000AC66761156Elizabeth R.2/7/2021
$500AC79742153Denelda D.2/6/2021
$500AC62619428Jeanene C.2/5/2021
$500AC17813911Shehnaaz S.2/4/2021
$500AC88929424Cristina M.2/3/2021
$500AC31193783Peter V.2/2/2021
$500AC32934847Ginger R.2/1/2021

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