2020 February Adventure Calendar

Eligible Draw Codes
Daily Cash Prizes
Prize Drawcode Name Date
Prize Drawcode Name Date
$6,000 Travel Voucher or CashAC69649392Randy B2/29/2020
$2,500 Travel Voucher or CashAC63404183Ronald And Gail L2/28/2020
$2,500 Travel Voucher or CashAC90669451Tanya T2/27/2020
$2,500 Travel Voucher or CashAC93794297Andrea L2/26/2020
$2,500 Travel Voucher or CashAC65724210Bonnie A2/25/2020
$500 CashAC13100011Ronald S2/24/2020
$500 CashAC24086830Jeffrey G2/23/2020
$500 CashAC38492547Kathy J2/22/2020
$500 CashAC41742545Sandra T2/21/2020
$500 CashAC82404952Sean N2/20/2020
$500 CashAC97967178Tyler F2/19/2020
$500 CashAC45010435Keevin And Michelle M2/18/2020
$500 CashAC39317718Julia Low Ah Kee M2/17/2020
$500 CashAC81972107William M2/16/2020
$500 CashAC63282456Penny V2/15/2020
$500 CashAC39024378Rita H2/14/2020
$500 CashAC19258894Karen B2/13/2020
$500 CashAC45751193Robert S2/12/2020
$500 CashAC15682034Leonard C2/11/2020
$500 CashAC92873221Laurie B2/10/2020
$500 CashAC36426521Sheila P2/9/2020
$500 CashAC60935625Emily W2/8/2020
$500 CashAC44226154Andrew M2/7/2020
$500 CashAC11202488James And Linda W2/6/2020
$500 CashAC64825439John P F2/5/2020
$500 CashAC65984577Filomena B2/4/2020
$500 CashAC91078908Don S2/3/2020
$500 CashAC92849626Elwood P2/2/2020
$500 CashAC11016222Vinay D2/1/2020
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